Newsletter: May 2022

Thayne Elementary Husky Headlines

May 2022

Principal’s message:

Dear Parent,

Thayne Elementary has had another wonderful year. There are so many people to thank for making Thayne an incredible place of learning and growing. We could not do it without the unwavering support of our parents. Thank you! Also, thank you to our incredible staff of teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, custodians, cooks, and everyone who works hard to make a difference in the lives of our children. Thank you to our students who are so kind, smart, and hard-working. I have been so fortunate to partner with all of you as we strive for Success at the Next Level. Next year, I will be taking on a new role of helping support our new teachers. Although I will be in different schools throughout the valley, my heart will always belong to Thayne. Our new principal will continue to focus on what makes Thayne an incredible place while continuing our mission:

  • We’re dedicated (Yes we are!) To education (The abc’s!).
  • A- academics, then on to B.
  • Building relationships, that’s the key.
  • C is the way we like to learn,
  • Connecting our knowledge to the real world.
  • We’re dedicated (Yes we are!) To education (the abc’s!)
  • Thayne Elementary has so much fun. Working together, we got the job done! 

Literacy Corner:

Summer Reading Ideas

Summer is a fantastic time to enjoy a good book. Did you know that we have libraries in Alpine, Thayne, and Afton offering a variety of summer reading activities? You might also read a book as a family that could be extended to a “field trip”. Your family might read books about Yellowstone Park and then visit the national park. Maybe read a book about horses and then go on a trail ride. Another idea is for your family to choose to read a book and then watch the movie version.

Remember to have fun and enjoy your reading time together!

School News:

The Kindergarten team is planning “A Dozen Days of Fun” for the end of the school year.  This will be a fun time to celebrate our learning, hard work and accomplishments.  Classroom teachers will be sending home additional information soon.  A Dozen Days of Fun will take the place of Kindergarten graduations.  

Library News:  

May 12th – last day to check out books.
May 19th – all books need to be returned to the library.

PTO News:

If you ordered a school shirt and paid for it during the original October order and didn’t receive it, please contact Kayla McPherson at 307-203-9488 by the end of day Friday, May 6th.  After that date, no further corrections can be made.