Thayne Elementary Kindergarten

May each student who enters through our school doors experience the success that will make them a better and more prepared individual.

Soft Start

We are excited to announce our district will be implementing a soft start for Kindergarten students beginning this Fall, August 2023. This practice will help support children transitioning into their new learning environment.

Please sign up for a date you and your child can attend on one of the available sessions August 21st or 22nd using the button below.

  • Please make arrangements to bring your student(s) to their soft start session. 

  • Each session is 2.5 hours in length. 

  • Wednesday, August 23 will be the first full day for all kindergarteners.

Kinder Bus Day 2023


Kinder Bus Day is only for incoming Kindergarteners who will ride the bus.

  • If your child will be riding a bus to/from school, he/she will be able to ride the bus from their bus stop to school and back with you on the morning of August 17.
  • The bus garage will be contacting you regarding pick up times and bus information.
  • Once at the school, the bus driver will conduct a brief safety training.
  • Following the bus safety training, you and your child will enter the school and find your child’s teacher’s classroom and spend a little time there.
  • Students and parents will then load buses and return home.
  • Our hope is that this experience will increase your child’s confidence in riding the bus to/from school before the first day of school
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