Newsletter: November 2020

November 2020


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Thayne Elementary Newsletter



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In order to help us stay in Tier I, Parent Teacher Conference will not be held at the school this year. The teachers will be contacting you to set up a time via Zoom or phone call to meet. Thank you for your continued support as we work together for success at the next level.

Thank you to all who displayed their pumpkins for Halloween.  You can view "Pumpkins on Parade at Thayne Elementary" by clicking the link



Please continue to screen your students before sending them to school each day.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  Attached is a great resource to learn more about it.

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Book Fair



Nov. 9 - Nov. 22

Our Book Fair is online! Support our school and help your child discover new books, favorite characters, complete series, and more! You'll love the fun new option to shop for Book Fair exclusives directly from the interactive booklist and enjoy free shipping on book-only purchases over $25.

It's a new school year... let's instill a new-found love of reading!


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Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read:

  • Do you know the impact of 20 minutes of reading per day? The reader is exposed to 1.8 million words per year and scores in the 90th percentile on standardized tests.

  • You can make a DIFFERENCE by reading every night with your child.

  • Here are three ideas to help encourage your child to read at home.

  • Zero in on Your Child’s Interests: What topics interest your child? Horses? Read Black Beauty and find nonfiction articles on famous horses like Seabiscuit.

  • Expand Your Definition of Reading: Include magazines, comic books, and graphic novels in your child’s book box.

  • Pair Books with Activities: If your child reads Mr. Poppins’ Penguins, then maybe you could plan a trip to the zoo. Another idea would be to have a family movie night and watch the movie version of the book.

  • Remember to have fun and enjoy your time reading together.


Nov. 6:  No School

Nov. 13:  No School

Nov. 17-18:  Parent Teacher Conferences

Nov. 25:  Early release at 10:54 a.m.  (Parent pick-up at 10:50 a.m.)

Nov. 26-27:  Thanksgiving Break


Lunch and Breakfast Menus:

FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PROGRAM: Did you know that the students at Thayne Elementary have a fruit or vegetable snack every day, provided through the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program?  It’s a great opportunity for students to taste a wide variety of produce including items such as Santa Claus melons, Jicama, Forelle pears, grape tomatoes, apples, carrots, etc.  As well as tasting the fruits and vegetables, students learn about each item.  For example:  Did you know . . . raspberries are sold by color not variety.  Or, how to pick a good watermelon . . . turn it over. The underside of the melon should have a creamy yellow spot from where it sat on the ground and ripened in the sun.  For more information about the FFVP, contact Sue Helm at the District Office.

Thank you to our lunch ladies who help prepare the snacks each day!!!