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Thayne Elementary Newsletter


Principal Schieffer


  • Happy New Year to our Thayne Elementary Families!  We hope your family enjoys a happy and healthy year full of wonderful experiences.

  • Students:  Remember that it is cold outside, so dress appropriately for the weather.  We will have recess outside on most days.

  • Lost and Found Items:  Please label your student's belongings so lost items can be returned to the owner.  If you're missing something, please email a description to and we'll look for it.

  • Lunch and Breakfast Menus:

  • Our website is being updated over the next several months to be more user friendly.  Please check it out at

kids reading


Playing word games as a family will help kids notice sounds in words and increase vocabulary. For kindergarten students, sing songs or say silly tongue twisters. For first grade students, start with a word and then change one sound. For example, say hat and change /h/ to /f/. The new word is fat. Be sure to use sounds and not letter names. For second grade students, tell a family story and have children add details to the basic story. For third grade students, talk about homonyms. For example, jam could mean a sweet spread on toast or cars stuck in traffic.

Remember to have fun and enjoy your time reading together.

kids reading

Dear Families,

Since our elementary school benefits from Title I funding (which enables us to provide small group instruction to all students), we would appreciate your input regarding this Title I Parent Participation Policy. The Lincoln County School District #2 policy is included for your review.  Click to review policy.

Here are some options for you to share your ideas for improvement with us.

A- A short Google Survey accessed through this link.

B-A Zoom Meeting hosted by the Title I teachers across the district on Thursday, January 14 at noon.

C- Email Cheyanne Wolfley, the district Title I Grant Coordinator,  at

Thank you for your support and input,

The Title I Team

Children with backpacks


Parents, our annual Early Childhood Census is now happening! We ask that you go to to fill out this census for any of your children who are birth to 5 years old and not enrolled in kindergarten yet. The district uses this information to plan for future needs of our schools and to get important information to you the year before your child will enter kindergarten.

After Jan. 4, there will be an early childhood census worker in your area that will contact you if you have not filled out the census. Because of COVID-19, we are trying to limit face-to-face contact with our census workers, so please take the time to fill out the census online! The census will be open until January 25. Thank you for taking the time to complete this census! If you have any questions about the census or have trouble accessing it, please contact Emily Isaacson 307-885-7129.


first aid heart

NURSE'S CORNER:  January is National Winter Sports Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month. 

Skiing, ice skating, sledding, etc are fun winter sports that can be high risk for serious head injuries.  It's important to learn how to lessen the risk of concussions and other serious brain injuries, and how to recognize and respond to an event.  (The CDC and Mayo Clinic have helpful information on their websites.)

Some serious signs of head injury may include but are not limited to:

  • Unable to recall before or after event.

  • Dazed or stunned.

  • Forgetfulness or confusion.

  • Clumsiness.

  • Responds slowly.

  • Loss of consciousness.

  • Mood changes.