Newsletter: February 2021



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Thayne Elementary Newsletter

Principal Schieffer


  • Recently, teachers participated in a professional development day, attending their choice in a variety of classes ranging from "Math Interventions" to "Integrating Reading and Writing" and "Social Emotional Learning" to creating modules and assignments in "Canvas Sandbox".  We appreciate the support of our State, School District, School Board and Stakeholders as we continue to grow as Educators.

  • Our website is being updated over the next several months to be more user friendly.  Please check it out at

kids reading


Read It Again and Again

Rereading sentences, passages, or entire books helps your child become a fluent reader. This strategy also deepens comprehension. Encourage your child to reread favorite books and poems. Use different voices for various characters to increase expression. Remind your student to look for punctuation as clues for phrasing and emphasis. Talk about how your thinking about the story changes with each reading.

Remember to have fun and enjoy your time reading together.

first aid heart


February is Heart Health Month

Suggestions from the American Heart Association to prevent heart disease include eating healthy meals, maintaining a healthy weight, being active, and stress management, to name a few.  If you'd like to learn more and get helpful suggestions, click here.