Newsletter: October 2021

Thayne Elementary Husky Headlines

October 2021

Principal’s message: 

Thayne’s October school wide theme is Friendship. Students will learn about how to be a good friend and participate in activities such as door decorating contests. 

If you want to volunteer, reach out to your student’s teacher.  Please remember that you will need to provide your driver’s license to check into the building.

Literacy Corner:  

Thayne Elementary Family Literacy Night

Come and join in the fun!

Coastin’ Into Family Night

Reading is the thrill of a lifetime!

Join us for a fun night of reading and writing activities for the whole family!


Tuesday, Oct 26

5-7 pm

Held at Thayne Elementary School



Did you know? Thayne Elementary has a Celebration and Award System

Most Fridays that we are in school, we have an all school celebration and sing. We call it the Husky Rally. The assembly starts at 2:00 and ends at 2:25. You are welcome to attend.


Here are the different school wide awards we give out. 


1.    Husky Helpers – Is awarded at the Husky Rally.

o Top 10% for citizenship.

o Elite award for consistent citizenship throughout the school (class, hall, specials, etc.)

o Parents are notified ahead of time to attend the assembly.

· 2. VIP- (Very Important Person) on Fridays

o Students get to sit at the “head tables.”

o For students who had a good week.

· 3. HuskyGrams (like a sunshine gram)

o For all students or staff.

o Any reason- just to say hi or “I like you.”

o The hope is that everyone gets at least one a year.

· 4. Caught in the Act of Reading

o Students receive a ticket to enter into a drawing when they are “caught reading” without being asked to read.

o Unlimited nominations. Parents can give the tickets too. We give parents tickets at Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, Literacy Nights, etc. Ask your teacher to send more home if you need them.

o Tickets are drawn at each Husky Rally. Tickets are then discarded and new ones are collected for the next rally.

PTO News:  PTO is working on a school t-shirt order form that will be coming home in October. 

Fundraiser:  PTO is sponsoring a walk-a-thon. Fundraiser forms will be coming home in October as well. 


If you would like to be involved in the PTO or have any questions,  please send an email to

 Upcoming Halloween Activities:

 Pumpkin decorating contest-

1.    Bring pumpkins on 10-25.

2.    Please no carving.

3.    Decorate, paint, use stickers, etc. to decorate your pumpkin at home.

4.    The pumpkin should be no wider than a sheet of binder paper “8 1/2 by 11”.

5.    Pumpkins are placed above the student’s cubby.

6.    The pumpkins will be judged on 10-28 by PTO.

7.    Pumpkins are NOT ALLOWED on the busses. Please bring them and pick them up.

8.    Please pick up pumpkins on 10-28. Pumpkins left after school is released on 10-28 will be disposed of.

Halloween Parade-

1.    Parade will be on Thursday 10-28 @ 2:00 pm (outside on the blacktop by the playground- if weather permits).

2.    Dress code does apply. Please remember the cold weather in October.

3.    Watch for instructions from teacher newsletters as well.

4.    No masks

5.    No weapons

6.    No extreme “wounds or blood and gore”.

7.    You are welcome to take your student after the parade but please send a note so the teacher knows.

Meet Thayne Elementary's New PE and Special Education Teachers:

Meet Mr. Bagley- Speech and Language Pathologist

Over his career, Mr. Bagley has worked with children in Afton Elementary, Hyrum, UT, and Saudi Arabia. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, carpentry, pottery, writing and illustrating for children, etc.

Meet Mrs. Potter- Special Education Teacher Gr K

Mrs. Potter graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Special Education. She taught preschool at Ashton Elementary before coming to Wyoming with her husband. Her favorite activities are hunting, camping, boating, and 4-wheeling.

Meet Mrs. Call
PE aide

Mrs. Call is a graduate of the UW with a background in elementary education as well as behavior intervention. She has always been active and loves teaching PE! She says the best part of her job is that she gets to let the kids be loud and active and her goal is to show children how physical exercise can be fun!