Kindergarten Registration

Dear Parents/Guardians of Thayne Elementary Kindergarten Students for 2020-2021,


As you know, our usual “Kindergarten Registration Night” has been canceled.  In an effort to keep you informed of our plans, please note the following:


  • The online registration site will be available starting May 4th


  1. If your household is new to the district, go to


  1. If you already have children enrolled in the district, go to


  1. Please register online as soon as possible starting May 4th.   



  • We are currently planning a K-Day event, TENTATIVELY scheduled for the morning of August 24. More details will be given as time approaches.    

Parents are asked to bring the following required documents to K-Day:


  1. A State-Issued Birth Certificate (It cannot be a copy.  It must be an original.)  We will scan it and give it back to you.


  1. A completed immunization record. There are many required immunizations.  Please visit with your doctor or public health to make sure all required immunizations are received before school starts. 


  1. Also required is a guardian photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport.


  1. Guardianship papers are required if the student lives with a guardian instead of a parent.


Please email the school secretary at gro.2dscl@yelloows with any questions.