All Kindergarten Supply List 20-21

20-21 Kindergarten Supply List

2 packs of crayons (not jumbo) and be sure both have pink crayons included.
1 package Elmer’s glue sticks
1 Full-size backpack with Zipper- please label with child’s name. Large enough for snow gear and notebook.
1 watercolor paint set (Prang brand lasts longer)
1 pair of child sized Fiskar’s scissors
1 package dry-erase Expo markers
1 bottle of white Elmer’s glue
1 pencil pouch
2 one-inch binders
1 box gallon sized freezer bags

Face coverings (mask or something similar)
Water Bottle

Appropriate tennis shoes for PE should be left at school or sent on PE days.


All students are asked to bring a change of clothes in a bag to store in their cubby.  These will be used if needed due to their clothing getting soiled due to bloody nose, bathroom accident, spills during lunch, mud at recess, etc.

Each year we have bags of lost and found items to donate.  To help reduce this load, please label your student’s belongings, especially coats, snow pants, boots, gloves, etc.