The bus garage will keep one primary drop off point for your child on record. 
Written Notes or Phone Call from Legal Guardians are REQUIRED for ANY CHANGES.
Changes include:
Pick-ups at school
Change in Drop Off Location
Change in Pick Up Location
*  The Bus Garage needs to be notified of any permanent changes.  (307) 885-7146

If your child normally rides the bus and you plan to pick him/her up or send him/her on a different bus to a different location, you must send a written note (please remind your child to turn the note in to me at the beginning of the day.) If a written note is not received, your child will be sent to his/her primary location that is on record.

Only legal guardians will be allowed to pick up your child.
I will need a note or,
phone call from you if a change needs to be made. 

The safety of your child is very important to me.