Snack & Food Policy

Snack & Food Policy

Snack & Food Policy:

We will be having snack from the Fruits and Vegetable Program daily.

The Fruits and Vegetable Program
is funded by a state grant that requires teachers to share information about fruits/veggies with our students.  The serving size of fruits or veggies varies and what is provided depends on availability.  We are not provided with a menu up front.
*You are welcome to send a snack for your child to eat at this time.  But, it should be a healthy snack, no candy, junk food, or desserts. 

Food Policy:

If you would like to bring a treat for the class for a special occasion it must meet the food-policy standards.  Food must be prepared and packaged in a commercial kitchen.  For food safety reasons, no homemade snacks are allowed

Snacks should also have considerable nutritious value.  Suggestions:
 fruit and packaged fruit dips
                         string cheese
                         low sugar granola bars
                         trail mix.  

*Please contact me to find out our classroom size and if any of the students have food allergies.