2 Daily Assignments Required:
Nightly Reading - 15 min
Math Fact Practice - 2 to 5 min
Reading homework may consist of a combination of an adult or older sibling reading to or with a child (at a higher level than the child can read independently) and independent reading. 

Math fact practice can be done with a water-based marker on the laminated math fact sheet in your child’s B.E.E. Book.  Your child and I will be adding math fact sheets as s/he progresses.  We will be doing 2-minute timings at school.  At home, however, you do not need to time your child at first.  I would rather s/he finish the page 1 time.  Then proceed to doing a timing.

Optional Activities
Examples: Spelling
                Sight Words

Activities will be listed, and it will be up to you if you feel as if your child could benefit academically from them. I do not believe in giving lots of homework in first grade, however some parents and students appreciate having academic activities to do at home.

HIPPO Folder
This is an individualized, brain-based activity for your child to do 5 - 10 mins prior to bedtime. (Research has proven that our brains actually retain what we do or study 5-10 mins prior to falling asleep.)  The activity given will be short, fun, and optional.