P.E. Shoes

We will be doing many active games and activities during the course of our day. We will also have recess. During the week, your child will be participating in a daily -15min -“Boot Camp” and once or twice-a-week, rotating, 30 min P.E. Please dress your children in clothing that will be conducive to these activities.

Sturdy shoes,
such as lace-up sneakers with non-marking soles work best.

*You may also leave an extra pair of shoes in your child’s hall-cubby, if this is more convenient for you.  Just make sure anything left at school is marked with your child’s name and phone number. 

Winter Clothes
 The majority of our school year is spent in winter-weather conditions.  Your child will be expected to go outside three times a day, for 10-minute recesses. 

Please make sure you send your child with
appropriate outerwear:

*If you are in a position where you cannot provide your child with these necessities, please contact me and I will discreetly put you in contact with the appropriate resources.

The overall comfort and health of your child is very important to me.