We have four classroom rules. 

    1.     Be Respectful

    2.   Be Responsible
3. Be Safe
4. Care

At the beginning of year and during opportune moments, we will discuss as a class what these behaviors look like and why they are important.


Students who are not using expected behaviors would experience the following consequences:

1.     Verbal redirection

2.   Refocus – time out with reflection

3.   Possible Office Referral


Office referrals and repeated misbehaviors will require me to contact the child’s family and request a meeting to discuss the behavior and come up with a plan to change the negative behavior. 


All students and families are required to read, discuss, and sign the “Discipline Contract.” Providing a safe and secure learning environment is very important and everyone must agree.


The Absolute Rules of the LCSD#2 will also be observed and followed.  These rules are listed in the Thayne Elementary Handbook and are district policy.