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Math is one of our core subjects.  We do math, Monday-Thursday, from 12:20-1:25.  I use computer based programs in combination with small group, guided practice to deliver our math instruction.
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New! Success Maker (computer based)

Accelerated Math/Math Facts in a Flash

Three times a year, the district tests the students on their basic facts.  We use Rocket Math in our classroom, 3 times per week, to practice our basic facts.  We also use "Math Facts in a Flash". 

We take a direct instruction approach to reading here at Thayne Elementary.  We deliver instruction in a small group format, using the Reading Mastery program.  We also encourage independent reading through the Reading Renaissance (AR) program.  Your child will have a calendar each month that they will fill out and return to the school.  Please help your child fill out this calendar correctly.  Parent signature is required. 
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New! Success Maker (computer based)


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We are going to start the year off doing science on Fridays!  In 2nd grade, we will be learning a great deal about plants!  The students have also selected topics that they would like to learn about this year!
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Below, you will find the most up to date (as well as past) spelling list for the current week.  Each Friday, the students will take a spelling test on the weekly words.  Throughout the week we will practice these spelling words as a class throughout a variety of different activities.  Although we practice in class, we really appreciate you studying these words with your child to help them be successful on Friday's test.  Incorporated in the spelling instruction is handwriting.  The students do receive a grade for handwriting.  As suggested, it is helpful to have your child write the spelling words to improve their handwriting, and spelling ability!
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Spelling words for the week of 10/17

Spelling words for the week of 10/10

Spelling words for the week of 10/3

Spelling words for the week of 9/26

Spelling words for the week of 9/19

Spelling words for the week of 9/12