The Usual Stuff
The usual stuff:

  • Sent home with your child on FRIDAY
  • Due back to school on MONDAY (Failing to return the math homework every Monday will result in your child staying in from recess until the math homework has been completed.)
  • All of the problems on the math homework have been done in class, so the students have seen them before.  However, your child may still need your help!  Right/wrong answers ARE recorded, so please check over your child's work and have them correct any errors that you may find.


2 minute basic fact timings, due Mondays along with the above math homework!

Students check out a leveled AR book from our classroom each day.  The book is to be taken home, and read aloud to an adult (please have your child read to someone that is old enough to correct and critique your his/her reading... no younger brothers or sisters please, until AFTER you have heard your child read the book twice).  Please sign the AR book slip that is inside the book your child brought home.  If there is no slip there, please sign a piece of paper saying that he/she read to you for 15 minutes and have your child bring the note to me the following day.  Below you will find AR book slips, if you'd like to print out some extras to keep at home! 

If AR books are not returned the next day, your child cannot check out another book until that one is returned.  Also, if the AR book slip (or parent note) is not returned, the student will have to re-read the book in class before they will be allowed to take a test.

Please return the weekly assignment slip (salmon colored half sheet of paper), each Monday along with the math homework.  This is just to assure that you've seen the hard work that your child has done throughout the week!