Classroom RULE & Procedures

Classroom RULE:

We've only got one, but it's a big one!

"Treat others the way YOU want to be treated"

Routines and Procedures


Students are not penalized for being absent in the classroom, other than having to make any missed work.  In most cases (depending on the length of the absence), students will make up missed work in class with me.  If necessary, I will send work home.  Phone calls regarding student absences are always greatly appreciated!



All homework has a due date, and due dates are strictly enforced.  If the assignment is not turned in when it is due, the student will have to stay in from recess and complete that assignment (at times, this could be more than one recess).


Restroom Policy:

Recesses are a time for students to use the restroom.  Students need to use their own time to take care of their business.  However, if a student chooses to not use the restroom during their recess time, and waits until he/she gets right back in the classroom to ask to use the restroom, that student will owe one minute of recess for each minute they are gone to the bathroom.  However, I always allow students to use the restroom, as long as they deem in an emergency, and tell me it can’t wait! 


AR Books:

Students are allowed to check out one leveled AR book from the classroom library each day.  If that student does not bring that book back the following day, he/she cannot check out another book until they return their other book. 

Students must have a signed book slip, or note, in order to take a test during the allotted AR time without having to reread the book with a teacher.

Behavior Incentives:

Whole class:  I have set up a behavior incentive that applies to the class as a whole.  By having the "prize" be in the hands of the whole class, the students monitor each others behavior.  This helps build our classroom into a community!   The whole class earns marbles towards a prize that they will receive once the entire marble jar is full!  Only one marble is allowed each day.  As of September 23rd, the class has earned 3 marbles!  We agreed that the prize for this batch of marbles will be a classroom fish tank!

Individual:  Each student has a "Behavior Punch Card."  When I notice exceptional behavior, I will give that student a "punch" on their card.  Such behaviors include, helping out a classmate (without being prompted or asked), following directions, setting a good example in class, etc.  Once the card is full, the student can take a trip to the "Treasure Chest"... great treasures await!